Get Ready for Kindergarten


Jolly Phonics Workbooks are a series of seven books that are designed to support the Jolly Phonics teaching program, which is a multi-sensory synthetic phonics program. The workbooks aim to reinforce the skills and knowledge taught in the lessons and help children develop their reading, writing, and spelling skills through fun and engaging activities. Each workbook focuses on a specific set of letter sounds and includes activities such as tracing letters, blending sounds, identifying words, and writing sentences. The workbooks are designed to be used in conjunction with the Jolly Phonics teaching program, but they can also be used as standalone resources to help children develop their literacy skills. Overall, the Jolly Phonics Workbooks are intended to help children learn the 42 main sounds of English in a systematic and enjoyable way, providing them with the building blocks they need to become confident and successful readers, writers, and spellers. ENGLISH READING & WRITING.

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